Our story

It started as a home brewing setup between a circle of friends and grew to a home brew supply shop.  The passion for beer grew greater, and with it came medals and notoriety.  Jumping on an opportunity the Johns made the choice to leave the world they once knew behind them and to put all of their energy into a new idea of their own creation.  Apocalypse Ale Works.  This ensured there was no pressure to sacrifice any quality for the sake of business.  Doug and Lee are committed to using only the finest ingredientsand giving even up to six weeks at a time to make a beer.  It isn't about thevolume of beer made, it's all about the highest quality brew and reputation that a small family owned brewery can have.


The giant A on top represents the 'Alpha,' to us the new beginning of a better world resting on top of the darkness that was left behind.  The darkness is symbolized in the 'Omega' depicted in our logo three times in the shape of the horns.  This denotes the three chains that needed to be broken in order to proceed with a life for us.  Letting go of a bad job, a bad boss, and a bad life, all at once.  

The pyramid represents that by following spiritual and physical guiding lights we could build a foundation and reach the pinnacle of success for US and not for corporate USA.  Our physical guiding lights are our family: Lee, born X IV, our daughter Ashlyn born IX IV, and our son Austin born XII XII.  The pyramid is placed on top of the darkness and earthly worries which were left behind to burn and fuel our new begging!  Also, in our artwork we like to represent our guiding lights with the Orion's Belt constellation, a trinity that has served with some significance throughout human history.  

The number 72 is also represented in the logo.  Da Vinci had this in the Mona Lisa.  Some denoted this was a number for perfection.  For us it is a number for perfection and that's why we have 72 barley corns on each sideof the logo.  It is also important because the '72 Miami Dolphins were and still are the only team in the NFL to be perfect 17-0!

As every end brings a new beginning, we've chosen the ultimate ending through Apocalypse Ale Works, to raise with it a newer, brighter future.


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1257 Burnbridge Rd. Forest, VA 24551