The crew

It takes a tribe to raise a new paradigm, meet the masterminds behind our New World.


Doug john

Unpaid technical consultant and recipe formulator.  Symbol mastermind.  Sound and Vision.


Queen Bee.  Mother Nature.  Dog Hoarder.


General Manager, quality control expert and assistant to the assistant bartender.


Director of Production, Sales and Fun.  In his own words: 

Dropped my white collar job in DC to immerse my life with beer instead of the bureaucracy of the Federal Government.  What I've learned, beer and numbers lie far less than (most) of the people in DC! If there is any way I can help you, ya want our beers, want to set up an event, have any questions or just want to say hello please email me


Resident Sports Woman of the taproom.  She loves beer, crying over the Cleveland Browns and her vintage BMW.


Sour, effervescent and full-bodied best describe what it is to experience Wes.  Not unlike licking a 9V battery, he's shocking, a little offensive and for some reason you'll come back for more.  So good at what he does even urban dictionary references him under the term 'crop dusting'


I am John Young of House Stokipoo.  The first of my name.  The Unsober King of Fantasy Football and Wednesday Night Trivia, Choker of Downwind Unfortunates, Breaker of Bad Beer Habits and Father of Monkeys.


An all american champion.  Our beer Barrmageddon was named after this fabulous boy.  He is as cute and sweet as he looks.  You might see him hanging out on the deck on a warm afternoon, or rummaging through a trashcan or two.



Grand Champion Windamirs Devils Secret.  Beer ambassador extraordinaire.  She is our beautiful German Pinscher.  Aptly named not only for our beer the Devils Secret, but also because Lee got her without telling her husband Doug.


Branding Illustrator, Designer.  Channeling the vision of Doug and Lee into the birth of a new universe, free of the old world constraints and ideologies.

Need artwork?  Inquire via email at 


All the characteristics of a Beer Nerd: growlers, cellared bottles, t-shirts, daily beer pic posts, but not a single, clear, identifiable hop preference (except Mosaic and Eureka.)  Something snobby is happening inside of him and he doesn't know why.  His nightly beer hunting has overflown into his days, and so he sits teetering on the edge of hop frenzy!